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Erica Hill
CEO and Founder of PATHS

Erica Hill, CEO and Founder of PATHS, is a single parent that has defied the odds.  She knows, firsthand, the challenges of being a single parent. People Aspiring To Have Success (PATHS) was created as an aid to help single-parent families reach their highest potential. Erica grew up in Albion, Michigan. She became pregnant at the age of 19, had two daughters by the age of 21, and lived in the projects. At 24, Erica moved almost 800 miles away from home and her support system to Montgomery, AL with her two and three year old daughters. Although Erica struggled as a single parent, working full-time and going to school full-time, she refused to let her circumstances limit her success in her educational, professional, or personal life. 

At 26, Erica graduated with two Associate Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration; two years later, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She then obtained her Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management.  By the age of 29, she purchased her first home. She built a home and obtained investment property by age 37. Two of her proudest moments, however, occurred at ages 38 and 39 when she was able to witness her two daughters graduate from a magnet high school.


Erica uses her struggles as motivation for her success. She continues to prove to the world that her situation does not determine her outcome. Through her testimony, life experiences, and her organization, Erica helps other single-parent families see the success beyond their situations. She encourages them to embrace life’s challenges head on with her mantra “I don’t want to….but I will!” Erica was willing to invest in herself and was determined to overcome stigmas associated with being a single parent.  She created PATHS because she wants others to experience and be able to take advantage of opportunities in spite of their circumstances. 

Your current situation is not your final destination and does not disqualify you. It’s not too late to make your life what you want it to be, but you have to want it! The question is, are you willing to invest in yourself?

If you are a single parent, click here to join our organization. You will also have access to our private Facebook group "PATHS for Single Parents," click here. This group is for PATHS' parents only. Take the first step in allowing us to meet you where you are and walk this journey with you. 

Erica Hill

 "Your current situation is not your final destination and does not disqualify you."

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