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People Aspiring To Have Success services include, but are not limited to: 

What we do - Paths of Success

Education Services


Speakers, professionals, and group sessions that discuss needs and challenges relevant to personal, financial, and career development via internet.

Mentoring Services


Individuals who share similar life experiences and challenges provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support to inspire and empower single-parent families to overcome challenges and succeed.

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Support Services


Off-site group sessions, online interactive sessions, group conference call sessions, and one-on-one sessions via telephone or live video that encourage single parents to improve their lives in a positive, supportive, non-judgmental environment. These services provide an opportunity for members experiencing similar circumstances to improve social skills, lessen isolation, network, and practice accountability while being motivated to make positive changes. PATHS reaches and impacts a wide range of single-parent families by granting them convenient and remote access to our services regardless of their location and schedules.

Resource Connections


PATHS connects single-parent families to resources that provide aid specifically for them. This is done in an effort to equip single parents and their children with the ability to use resources as stepping stones rather than comfort zones and gain their independence.

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